Welcome to LiveChat!
Easiest way to reach your customers.

Now a days every business with a website requires a communication tool to communicate with its customer. We provide a Free chat application which is no doubt faster than phone calls, emails and tickets. We use Firebase as the backend service which is an incredible Realtime Application Platform.

  • Free
    It is free for now.
  • Mobile Application
    Download mobile application.
  • Easy Setup
    Simple steps to get started.
  • No Plugins / Flash / Applets
    No need to download any plugin or flash.
  • Customize Plugin look
    Customize the chat plugin according to you website theme.
  • Firebase as backend service
    Powerfull firebase is the backend service.

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LiveChat uses Firebase as the backend engine

Firebase is a realtime backend as a service that allows you to create incredible apps. Save, Store and Update Data in realtime directly from the browser or mobile client using only javascript or native iOS or Android code.

Firebase was built to make the real-time technology that powers Envolve's chat product broadly accessible to developers, so that they can build their own powerful applications. It incorporates years of learning about how to handle real-time data on the web and solves many of the hard problems so that developers don't have to solve them again.